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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My new set up

First let me start by saying that.
Damn its been a while.
I do recognize the fact that it has been quiet a while since I posted anything on here but that is for good reason. I've been busy as all fuck.
I had winter session class wrapping up and I was putting final touches on my mash-up project. 
Then school started again. Which I am still behind on but I am catching up steadily, at the same time certain things in my personal life are starting to pick up as well.

But anyway what this post is about is my new set up that I bought for filming.
as well as I built my version of the $14 steady cam
but I wrapped my whole thing in Bike Tape
next thing Im going to do is look at either (a) fixing my old tripod or (b) ripping the head off and putting it on the steady cam and then buying a new tripod. Not sure yet what my final plans for that are yet but who knows.

So well I guess I'll see ya at the movies.