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Monday, December 29, 2008

Mickey Avalon - "Fuckin' Em All"

So one of my favorite artist has to be Mickey Avalon
this guy has some bad ass music and beats and some amazing lyrics
he says it how it is and doesn't hold back
ive incorporated his lyrics into two of my performances that ive done at LSU now and people always want to know if I wrote those lyrics or where I found them because of how amazing they are.
Well this morning I decided to check my MySpace and found that he posted a bulletin saying that he had a treat for everyone and we had to go on YouTube and find it. 
He put up the name but not the link so I thought this is gonna be hard to find but searched and there it was so yeah here it is for yall.
NOTE: If you click the title link you can go to the page and watch it in HD if you want to which I advise.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


seeing as this is for two different people if you click the title it wont bring you anywhere

these links above will though
So Free City is a Los Angeles thing and Jean Therapy is a New Orleans thing
together they are awesome cause now, and I say now as in for a little while now, Jean Therapy has been carrying Free City stuff in very very limited quantities. Some locations dont even have the mens versions. So far only the one in Lakeside has carried mens as far as I know. Both Me and I, Du, both bought hoodies while out in LA last year and Me has been having a couple pairs of pants and I've always wanted some and for Christmas my pops gave me 100 bucks and instead of paying my redlight ticket I decided screw it ima go buy a pair of pants that I want and so I did. Sadly because of the limited amount that they carry I couldn't get the gray ones I wanted. They had black but in XXL which is way way to big and the Blue ones that I ended up getting were XL which are still kinda big but they will do and the only other color they had was like 7 pairs of white ones which I definitely don't want.
(Personally I dont understand white pants because if you sit then they are dirty, i do own white slacks and white jeans but I dont sit in them ever usually and if I do then its not in some dingy place or just walking around the streets, Im wearing them for a reason, like white linen night or something, BUT I DEGREES)
Back to my point is that since they are limited quantities I got the blue ones. I have the blue hoodie also. Im just hopping that I dont look like one of these dumb fucks that wear the all matching velour track suits. But anyway they are awesome and both these companies are awesome so go and enjoy them

Friday, December 19, 2008

Little Boots Christmas

So...Little Boots finally came out with her new ep recently; BUT here she is covering a WHAM! Christmas song. Enjoy + Merry Holidays.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

how amazing is the mac. read this shit

so i got this on my rss feed from apple and yeah read it and then click the link above to read more

Others might consider his mobile — and home — studio sparse, but producer Dave “Switch” Taylor has all he needs in his ”MacBook Pro, Logic, the Apogee Duet, and a set of Adam S3A monitors.” It’s what he used to record and produce Kala, Maya “M.I.A.” Arulpragasm’s last album, even allowing the pair to “capture open-air, off-the-street vocals, instrumentals, and serendipitous ‘noise’ into Taylor’s mic’d MacBook Pro.”

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kosher Christmas

First off.. i'd like to start you guys off with a tasty holiday treat from Animal Collective:

Secondly, i'm glad my girl doesn't read this because i'm totally going to talk about one of the gifts I got for her. So, when I was a kid in the 80s, my grandfather would always wear this white bomber looking jacket. Well, when he passed away that was the one thing I asked to keep from him. Apparently, its a MEMBERS ONLY jacket in all its vintage glory. Its pure i'm too much of a pussy to actually wear it. BUT, come to find out, MEMBERS ONLY still makes their little nylon bomber jacket for $198. (Right now there is a sale on their website for 50%- only $99!)

I hope she likes it, woo!

Also, I just want to mention that Basement Jaxx are dropping some ridiculous fun beats these days. Go check out the new stuff via Basement Jaxx's Myspace. I love love LOVE "Wheel N Stop".. and for all of you Adele lovers, Basement Jaxx has a really great Cold Shoulder mix.

PS- Merry Christmas, Happy Jew-mas, and if you celebrate Kwanzaa, you probably don't can't read so...yeah.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

RjDj Wants To Be The SoundTrack Of Your Life

i had seen this a few weeks ago just in the app store and thought it seemed cool but didn't really look at it. I just heard about it again the other day and came to check it out and look into it and this is easily one of the most innovative things i've ever seen and now i'm obsessed with it

its amazing and everyone should get this

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Best Fwends with Matt and Kim

ok so I know its been a damn long time since I actually posted anything. Its called FINALS. we all hate them and love them at the same time. So much damn work but your finally done the semester which to me this one flew by. I loved my History of  Horror Film class. I thought it was amazing. Im taking Zombies as Metaphors next semester as well as Experimental Film Making which is partnered with The Films of Federico Fellini and were going to Italy to film in the same locations he did. But anyway.

SO I saw this, this morning and I loved it. Two of my favorite groups at a place that makes some pretty awesome shirts and has amazing designs and then they make prints and they also sell the artwork thats in the store every week. Click on the title of this blog and it will bring you to the page with all the links for it. 
But heres the video

I hope you enjoyed it

"Me's" Christmas-Weilnachten List!

Alright guys. This is my Christmas List. Feel free to buy me any of these items :)


-Free People Cardigan found on BLUEFLY

-Cheap Monday Neck Tube found on REVOLVE CLOTHING

-beanie found on KARMALOOP

-beanie found on KARMALOOP



SIZE 6 or 8 in BLACK

-Hoody Henley found on

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rowr, says "Me".

Helloooooooooooooooooo everyone, it's Me. My first post is going to be about...dinosaurs. Check out this guy:

Does anyone remember spike? Okay good. So, I figured i'd tell a couple dino jokes.

Q: What type of tool does a prehistoric reptile carpenter use?
A: A dino-saw !

This is by far the best one to ever exist, though...

Tyrannosaurus drinks, Tyrannosaurus drives, Tyrannosaurus wrex.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Canterbury of New Zealand

So basically I love this company.
Not only do they make amazing clothes and have great style but they also make awesome rugby equipment. I always practiced in their gear and they easily have the best rugby boots (cleats) around. But to my point I guess. That is that I love their "Ugly" series, they take all the left over material and just make it into a shirt, so its always going to look different from the other ones in some way. As well as their new Oliver Series which you just have to see to understand. Not to mention they just some bad ass designs and colors. Well here are a few of my favorite items they have on their site right now.

Once again these are just some of my favorites that they have in their Fashion Section and not even getting into detail in their Teamwear area

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Setting up Gmail on iPhone

quick note about it. 
I originally just had Gmail set up so that it kept all the messages in the inbox online cause i never use the online mailbox I just use Mail on my mac cause its faster. Well I set it up on the iPhone and received over 2000 messages and realized it was sending all the messages I had online. 
SO I deleted the mail account on my phone and went online and deleted everything and set it us so that the damn messages would be auto-archived after it sent it to my mail on my macs. well it would not put it in my inbox on my iPhone and it started to piss me off and I finally realized why it only sent it to my all mail that shows what I sent too. 
Its because the Inbox is based off the server. So for the mail to work on my phone so as it would notify me when i get a message and not that I would have to go and look for them in the all mail I had to undo the auto archive. Basically at the end of the week though all you have to do is archive them manually so that you can get them out the way and then your also able to receive them on the phone. 
Hopefully you can understand what I just said cause it took me a while to figure out what was wrong. Im still looking for a way around this and all so well see.
well thats about all

Monday, December 1, 2008

Free ringtones for iPhone using iTunes v.8

so if you have an iPhone this info is priceless
I've already made a few for the holidays now out of Trans Siberian Orchestra songs